The introduction of Body-Mind-Spirit in One

   Most parts of the earth, regardless of air, water, food and so on are subject to varying degrees of pollution, and continue to deteriorate. 

It also makes it all The health of the human being is rapidly deteriorating. According to the World Health Organization (WHO): "All kinds of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease are going to younger trend significantly, and all kinds of allergic diseases more directly related to environmental pollution."

 Beside the problem of rapid aging population problem, the elderly special preventive health care services and research and development of various types of elderly health care products continue to appear in new institutions. 

According to statistics, the cost of natural therapy in the United States in 1997 as high as 27 billion US dollars, while the total number of adults receiving natural therapies estimated as high as 83 million people, that is 31% of the whole nation,one of  every three Americans using natural therapy. 

In 1996, The Lancet reported that Australians spent about $ 100 million an year on natural therapie.This is twice of traditional Western medicine. More people began to accept the traditional medicine and natural medicine, physical and mental integration of the trend of thinking.

  In China and India and other oriental ancient medicine concept is to constitute the universe and the five elements, the human body characteristics, and herbs combined with the scientific characteristics. Those emphasizes that the disease is derived from the "physical and mental system" imbalance results, rather than a single external or internal factors caused.  

By the unity of mind and body is the concept of re-establishing the individual's physical and mental balance, re-listen to the rules of the body and Raw rhythm, understanding with the body Communication language and form, to stimulate the individual's wisdom and potential to establish a harmonious and balanced life, to enhance the integration of personal physical and mental healing power to achieve the role of self-healing physical and mental integration of natural therapy.

  As the human body as a small universe, and It is big In the midst of nature, it is emphasized that the body of the mind and the mind is raised(the thinking body), and that the "body" and the "mind" are combined into one, each other, and vice versa, and working together.

Spirit concept of health, from the overall concept of the operation of the ideological system, physical and mental integration of natural therapy that the body, heart, spirit into balance.To feel comfortable and then the comfortable life quality can get improvement.Therefore the concept of physical and mental integration gradually formed physical and mental ( Somatics).

This new field rised is derived from the individual in order to solve physical problems, pain, or curiosity of the body phenomenon, and then re-explore the body's philosophy.The ultimate goal is to maintain the entire internal and external system.   The integrity and harmony "Physical and mental integration of natural therapies" in the broadest sense is the use of natural methods, such as lifestyle, mood and diet improvement, nutrition supplement or through natural substances or non-invasive means of assistance and achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. 

This combination with life Self-healing method, known as the "natural therapy" (Naturopathic Therapy) which fit with the modern preventive medicine in the concept.  

The integration of natural therapy collection of human wisdom from ancient times With the different cultural backgrounds and the development of a variety of theories. The purpose of natural therapy is to focus on improving the body's ability, to adjust itself and to emphasize harmony with nature.

Common as aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, hot and cold therapy, music therapy, massage therapy, reflexology, color therapy, physical therapy Smoking therapy, similar (homeopathic) therapy, Bach (flower essence) therapy, herbal therapy, nutrition therapy, traditional therapy, spine balance therapy ... and so on. Each has its scope of application, can be for different symptoms, play Unique effect. 

No matter what kind of natural therapy, those are stressed to quit The body of the natural operation of the way to strengthen the body, the heart, the spirit of self-healing ability.they are from the costumes and other internal repair as well as with the external environment of the adjustment, not just the standard but want to.