Introduction of Natural therapy

 Natural medicine Natural medicine has become a new trend in medicine in recent years. 

Different from the general medicine, natural medicine belongs to non-invasive medicine, using the existence elements of nature, such as air, water, sunlight and food interaction.

People naturally produce disease resistance, to help the body to restore the original health instincts. The common approach is to balance the human body and the environment, to promote the body's natural defense capabilities and self-regulation mechanism. 

Help the patient's obtain  balance of the environment and start the power of the self-treatment system, to improve the symptoms of the disease.   

Physical and mental integration of natural therapy aimed at the integration of Western and Oriental medicine and a variety of natural therapy.In 1990, this particular disease prevention and natural therapy Has been certified in the US Department of Health, also in 1989 for the United States recognized by the relevant units, and compiled by the US Department of Health's "Alternative Medicine (Alternative Medicine, Program at Natural Institutes of Health ". 

Under the Western mainstream medicine system, natural therapy is classified as "Alternative Medicine". 

But its history is far from eighteen The European countries of the nineteenth century. 

According to the German Federal Institute report, the popularity of natural therapists, and even many Western medicine are also compatible with the use of natural therapy as a treatment or health care.   

Followed, natural medicine get into the United States, Canada, Australia and other places. 

According to research one third of the people in North America have resorted from natural therapies to varying degrees. In 1990, a group of Western medicine and natural therapists who supported the natural therapists established the American Society of Natural Therapists, the medical schools and the hospitals. In 1921, the British Columbia Government passed the legislation Natural therapy medicine, and protocol supervision. At present, the rapid development of natural therapies, in Europe and the United States established natural therapy related institutions or associations are also numerous.   

Natural therapy focuses on natural substances to improve personal self-healing power, to mediate the constitution. Due to the general public knowledge level, no side effects of natural medicine are more accepted, which making natural therapy become a trend. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) also publicly called for advocacy of natural therapy in 1979.  The following are the six principles and the spirit of the natural therapy medical philosophy 

  1. The use of natural substances: the father of medicine,Dr. Hippocrates proposed ‘’primumnonnoce "principle, using no side effects, no manual Chemical and non-harmful natural substances or methods to help patients return to health.  
  2. To improve self-healing ability: emphasis on their own immune and self-healing ability is the best doctor. Assist patients to create a healthy environment inside and outside, to establish, maintain and restore health.  
  3. For the root cause of the disease: not treat the "symptoms" as "disease" roots but to find out the cause of the disease, and then solve the problem completely.  
  4. like Teacher like friend:The word "physician" is based on the meaning of Latin as "teaching", through communication and education, so that patients can help the body to return to health.  
  5. Focus on the body, the heart, the spirit of integration: whole health depends on the body, heart, spirit of the balance of interaction, have a strong physique, stable emotions and overflowing mind is the real health of the whole person.  
  6. Prevention is better than treatment: to strengthen the daily health awareness and practice balance Healthy living is more effective and long-term than the invasion happened.