Principal words

  Natural medicine emphasizes the importance of "anti-healing therapy" and reduces the healing science of drug use, the center goal is to combine natural therapy with empirical research , the development of better healing and related diet regimen, to enhance the empirical self-health management capacity and physical and mental peace. As a natural medicine forward, NISIN determined to be American students, community, and even for the world to make tribute offer. 

NISIN collaborate with natural medicine, helps to promote a variety of natural physical and psychological therapy courses, professional certificate courses and short courses,especially for the general public, professional therapists and medical staff.

 College founded so far, Has been recognized by the local and international community.  

 NISIN has a great academic tradition, we work with lecturers around the world, constantly updated a variety of professional knowledge and team to bring "to explore the international perspective" of the teaching culture, more planning cooperation Diet, meditation, mind, music, body, energy and the environment and so on. NISIN focus on physical and mental health issues related to the spindle, the introduction of a variety of physical and mental healing online courses and certification, and provide more practical and flexible learning.   

The purpose of natural medicine research is to use rigorous scientific methods, through the understanding and use of natural law to find out the potential to enhance the natural defense and self-healing of the human body, to re-adjust, inspire the root cause, heal and restore the physical and mental health of the instinct, and enhance the quality of life at the same time.

Awareness, we provide the correct and practical life Health regimen.  We would like to invite you to join NISIN, since we provide professional knowledge, new technology and considerate service, look forward to see you develop the strengths, become a outstanding professionals and contribute to the society.  

National Institute of Somatic Integration and Naturopathy (NISIN)